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The Classic Membership

7 Exclusive Monthly Themed Printables

In the Dollar Teachers Club, we want to provide standards-based resources that match what you're teaching this time of year and are FUN and engaging for your students.

That's why we ask members for input on exactly what we create each month! Using teachers' input on Literacy and Math standards and seasonal themes, we create 7 exclusive resources each month that are:

  • Available in color and black and white, so no matter what the status of the copy machine is right now you're ready to go.
  • Complete with differentiation ideas, so you can adapt how you use each resource to challenge your advanced students and give extra support to the students who need it.
  • Themed for the month, so your students can learn while having FUN with thematic resources tied to the current season or holiday 
  • Ready with easy to understand directions, so you can incorporate each resource into your lesson plans with ease.
  • Released BEFORE each month begins, so you can stay ahead with your lesson plans while incorporating fresh new content each month.
  • Affordable at less than $1 per resource, so you can save money while still providing an engaging and exciting learning environment for your students.

One-Click Access to 275+ Freebies

Let's face it, it happens to ALL of us! We're searching around for that just-right resource freebie, bouncing around from site to site, scrolling through an endless Pinterest feed... and next thing you know we've lost HOURS of time we'll never get back. 

And when we do finally find that freebie we're looking for, we have to signup and wait for an email with the link. With the Dollar Teachers Club Classic membership, we want to give you that time back by giving you:

  • Access to ALL our freebies in one place (that over 275 and counting). Search for the freebie you want, click it and the PDF is ready to download!
  • Options with color and black and white included in every freebie so you can decide how you want to print and use in your classroom.
  • Variety with different subjects and standards across Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies so you can incorporate in any lesson you're teaching.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

School districts can be pretty stingy with hard drive space. Computers crash and data is lost. Or you may be moving schools and want to take your resources with you. You're in luck, because with the Dollar Teachers Club Classic Membership, you will have:

  • A Member Dashboard you can access any time and anywhere you'd like - all it takes is an internet connection.
  • Options to download your resources each month or store them in the cloud and access only when you're ready to print.
  • A history of all your resources in one place, so you can access past month's resources any time you'd like.

Meet the Creator: Jennifer

I’m Jennifer and I stepped into my Kindergarten classroom two days before the start of school. As a new teacher, I felt so alone.

I had no resources to help me figure it out. I had no guide of what to teach and when. I had no mentor to help me understand what I was supposed to be doing.

I stayed up for hours and hours trying to figure it out and make sense of the state standards mumbo-jumbo. I was constantly stressed out and scrambling and worrying I was screwing up my students.

So, I created what I wish I had back then…a club of like-minded teachers who help each other, and a guide to give teachers exactly what they need when they need it, so both students AND teachers feel successful, engaged and inspired, without the stress and worry I once felt.

Members RAVE about the Dollar Teachers Club!

Julie K.

"To have all of these resources in one place is an amazing time saver. Everything I could possibly need for any subject or skill is right here in ONE PLACE!!! Jennifer’s resources are very high quality and my students are always engaged and on task. This membership site will be helpful to any teacher!"

Kerri P.

"I LOVE the Dollar Teacher’s Club! I joined this site to get quality, affordable, and easy to make and use activities for my special education students. This site has been heavenly! Every month I get both reading, math, and a bonus activity that my students love to use!"

Bridget B.

"The Dollar Teachers Club has saved me so much time and stress when planning for daily lessons. The Club gives you access to countless cute and colorful activities broken down by subject and topic. Excitedly you can also use them in remote learning too!"

Kelly M.

"My favorite thing about being a Dollar Teachers Club member is the math and language arts activities. Our school started personalized learning last year and those activities really helped because there was differentiation included in each set. My students could all being doing the same activity (and the best part, I only had to explain it ONCE), but at their independent level. It was fabulous!!!"

Stephanie G.

"The Dollar Teacher Club has really helped me with my small group and individual instruction to provide level appropriate activities and games for my students in my kindergarten class. All of the resources are so easy to understand the purpose and direction as well as not having a ton of prep involved as well! These activities have also allowed me to differentiate within each one for the needs of each of my students!"

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The Dollar Teachers Club is a busy teacher’s best friend. Each month, you’ll get 7 themed, hands-on, standards based printables you can use in your classroom in minutes.

It doesn't get any easier than this. You won’t have to search the internet or Pinterest looking for cute activities that teach the skills you need to teach. You’ll save time and headaches because we’ve curated it for you.

The Classic Membership

  • When you join our Classic membership, each month you’ll get 7 exclusive resources for $5.99/month. That’s less than a dollar a resource that you can’t get anywhere else.
  • Each resource comes in color and black and white so you can print them, laminate them and start using them today.
  • Each resource is themed for the month and comes with simple to understand directions.
  • Each resource comes with differentiation ideas so you can challenge your advanced students and give extra support and help to students who need it.

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