Complimentary access to our ENTIRE library of digital resources. These games were designed to send to parents through email, or to assign them in Google Classroom, Seesaw, or Boom Cards for virtual learning. But you can use them in your classroom on tablets or on smart boards if you're teaching in person...which means you can use them next year when we (fingers crossed) get back to "normal."

A curated collection of products and resources to help you fill in your lesson plans in a fraction of the time, including suggested resources themed for the upcoming month and sorted by curriculum. I have spent hours gathering the best resources in one place, so YOU DON'T HAVE TO!

Over 750+ products (and growing) including Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies Activities. Bingo, Match-ups, Crafts, Holidays/Seasonal, Editable Name Activities, Zero Prep Centers, Thematic Units, Emergent Readers, and much much more!

Each month we create 7 new resources exclusive to the Dollar Teachers Club based on YOUR votes. You’ll vote on themes and skills for this content and I’ll create exactly what you need for your students, and you can't find them anywhere else! Each resource comes with detailed directions and differentiation ideas for your students who are more advanced or need extra support.

  • ∙Video Library and support resources for continuing education

  • First access to brand new resources

  • ∙ Convenient, one-click access to all our freebies we have ever made (in color and black and white)

  • ∙ Invites to our community only events

  • ∙ Ability to request resources if you can't find what you are looking for 

  • ∙ Drama-free virtual “Teachers’ Lounge” to ask and answer questions and get and receive support

Don't just take my word for it!

Here's an All-Access member sharing their love for DTC All-Access 

"I enjoy the Google Slides and the Boom Cards. I've been able to use them in my classroom while we were teaching in person, and now that we're going virtual my kids are used to it and have enjoyed using them. So I will make them a part of my virtual teaching as well."

Kindergarten Teacher / NORTH CAROLINA

Your All-Access Upgrade will help you…

♡ be more confident no matter what the back half of this crazy school year brings.

♡ feel on top of your to-do list, even if you feel like you're not doing enough for your students (and at the same time feel like you're doing too much.)

♡ put the joy back into your day even if you're teaching behind a mask or a screen.

♡ reach more of your students where they are at and make sure they don’t fall between the cracks even if you are not sitting right next to them at the kidney table.

♡ find just-right printable and digital resources that meet the state standards.

♡ connect with other educators to bounce ideas off of them and get help.

♡ spend more time on you, and more time with your family and friends.

  • All of the All-Access Monthly Benefits, PLUS:
  • Priority treatment for resource requests 
  • An invite to join the DTC Summer Book Club

Here's how DTC All-Access Credits Works

Plan your lesson plans ahead of time

Before each month begins, you’ll get our Monthly Resource Guide that showcases themed resources we have available for you to choose from. 

The Monthly Resource Guide also includes book lists, video lists, and free activities from the blog to help you plan out  your lesson plans in a fraction of the time.

Get ready to go shopping

On the first of the month, you’ll receive 50 credits and will go “shopping” to pick out over $50 worth of perfect resources for your students from over $3000 of curriculum.

Get the just-right products you need for your class from the Resource Library of over 750 products

You can, of course, choose items showcased in the Monthly Resource Guide. But since once-size-fits-all won't work for all of  our students, you have the flexibility to choose exactly what resources your students need each month.

You'll never wonder or worry how you're going to fill out your blank lesson plans ever again.

Here's another All-Access member sharing their love for the Dollar Teachers Club

"I have to say my favorite are your digital games for the kids. They love them, and they are great for me to put on Google Classroom because I'm hybrid."

Kindergarten Teacher / NEW JERSEY

Each month as an All-Access member you’ll get: 

  • ∙ YOUR CHOICE of over $50 worth of standards-based, engaging lessons and resources from over $3000 in curriculum
  • ∙ Complimentary access to over 600 digital interactive activities for language arts, math and science designed for Google Slides, SeeSaw, and Boom Cards (Plus, new digital games added every month.)
  • ∙ 7 exclusive seasonal and holiday themed centers you vote on to get exactly what you need
  • ∙ Support and ideas to plan out your month and lesson plans in less time
  • ∙ Convenient, one-click access to ALL our freebies we have ever made (in color and black and white)
  • ∙ Access to new resources before anyone else
  • ∙ Invites to our community only events
  • ∙ Ability to request resources if you can't find what you need for your students
  • ∙ Continuing education videos to support you and make teaching easier
  • ∙ Access to our drama-free teacher community where we help each other be the best educators we can be
  • ∙ PLUS, you’ll get me…and y’all know I’m here to help you succeed! 

  • All of the All-Access Monthly Benefits, PLUS:
  • Priority treatment for resource requests 
  • An invite to join the DTC Summer Book Club

Wondering What’s Inside the Dollar Teachers Club All Access Membership? 

Get a sneak peek:

One last note from Jennifer:

Y’all, my only goal is to make teaching easier for you and make learning more fun for our littles.

But teaching isn’t easy, especially this year. And no one knows that more than other teachers.

When I first started teaching, I spent every waking second I had trying to figure out how to be a great teacher.

I stayed in my classroom until the night custodian begged me to leave. And when I did finally head home, I brought stacks of papers and lesson plans and state standards home with me.

My quiet evenings with my husband where we ate dinner and spent time together were gone. I didn’t have time to ask about his day or watch a movie together or go out on a date. My marriage took a backseat to my career. 

Because in those first few years, teaching was all-consuming. And while I loved teaching the kids to read and write, I started to resent the never-ending piles of work and never feeling caught up or prepared or confident in what I was doing.

But I knew there had to be a better way to be a great teacher, AND be a great spouse, a great mom, and a great friend. And with the Dollar Teachers Club, we can.

We can take back our evenings and weekends and spend less time planning and prepping and creating and get home sooner…where we belong.

The DTC Guarantee:
The resources, bonuses, and support in The Dollar Teachers Club will save you hours and hours of planning, prepping, and searching for standards-based, hands-on curriculum. I personally guarantee you will have more free time to spend with family, with friends, or mindlessly roaming the aisles of Target. But, if you decide the Dollar Teachers Club isn't right for you any longer, you can cancel your membership before the next renewal questions asked and no hard feelings. Pinky promise.