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I’m bummed to see you go, but I totally get it. Things change and the Dollar Teachers Club may not be a good fit for you anymore.

All memberships renew automatically on the day of the month you joined or annually on your anniversary date. The cancelation process may take up to 6 days. If you use a different email address to contact me than the one you signed up with, this will increase the time it takes for the cancellation to process. In order to not be charged for the next month, you must submit this form 6 days BEFORE your next billing date or you will be charged for the next period. Please review our Terms of Use for further information.

Please note: Once a cancellation request is processed it takes place immediately. You will lose access to all the resources in The Dollar Teachers Club. All-Access members will also lose any credits you have in your account. If you cancel your membership, you will not be eligible for a new membership for one from your initial “join” date.  If you re-join, it will be considered a new membership and you will NOT have access to the materials from the previous months you missed. You will also not get to keep the current price. If you initially purchased at a lower price, and want to join again, you will have to pay the current and possibly higher price.

Please fill out the form below to process your cancellation.

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