Save time.

Save money.

Save headaches.

Get more just-right classroom resources.

Spend less hours of planning and prep time.


Without spending a ton of money out of your own pocket.

Quick question: 

What if you had access to one place that gave you all the resources you need without spending your entire paycheck?

You need the Dollar Teachers Club.

Incredible Perks of The Dollar Teachers Club:

✔️ having access to resources you need to teach in person and/or digitally

✔️ not staying up all night prepping and filling out your lesson plans

✔️ not spending your entire paycheck on your classroom

✔️ being confident you are using just-right resources to help your kids master the skills they need to learn

✔️ not needing to create your own resources to meet the needs of all of your students

The resources in The Dollar Teachers Club:

✔️ include printable and digital resources

✔️ are simple to prep

✔️ are fun, exciting, and themed

✔️ are age-appropriate

✔️ connect to what you are already learning in class

✔️ are hands-on and engaging

✔️ are simple to explain

✔️ hit the state standards

✔️ fit in to an already limited budget

This is your personal invitation to be a member in the:

The Dollar Teachers Club All Access Membership is the Ultimate Library of Teaching Resources and Teacher Support.

It has everything you need to prep, plan, and teach our youngest students.

Wondering What’s Inside the Dollar Teachers Club All Access Membership? 

Get a sneak peek:

Your Dollar Teachers Club All Access Membership Includes: 


Each month you’re a member, you’ll get 50 credits to “spend” on any of my paid resources. Each month we’re adding new language arts, math, and science resources for you to choose from. ($2,500 of curriculum)


We've created over 300+ digital interactive activities for language arts, math, and science designed for Google Slides, SeeSaw (and Boom Cards coming soon.) You can use them in your classroom and/or for distance learning.


Each month, you’ll get 5-7 themed resources, created with your input. You’ll vote on themes and skills for this content and I’ll create exactly what you need for your students. 


To help you plan your month, you’ll get a curated list of our seasonal products, resources, book lists and videos hand-picked by me, perfect for each month...all to help you plan your month quicker.


Have a theme/unit/topic you're teaching and wish we had a resource to support it? Let us know and we'll work on making it. (P.S. Our yearly members get priority and their requests get bumped to the top of our to do list!) 


Convenient, one-click access to ALL of the freebies we have ever made - in color and black and white for all subjects (language arts, math, science, and social studies.) 


Our library of continuing education videos include topics such as differentiation and positive classroom management techniques.


Ask and answer questions, find and give support, and connect with like-minded educators who understand why you loathe tying wet shoelaces. 


Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your grab a glass of wine, put on your jammies and join us for support, a safe place to vent, and surprises. 

Why Members LOVE The Dollar Teachers Club…

The Dollar Teachers Club has saved me so much time and stress when planning for daily lessons. The Club gives you access to countless cute and colorful activities broken down by subject and topic. Excitedly you can also use them in remote learning too! 

Bridget Bond

Dollar Teachers Club is so helpful because it has so many wonderful pre-made resources. I love all the different games for each month and often use them as warm ups during centers with my students. I also really love the Science units. I do not enjoy science and I feel like it can be a difficult subject for special education students but your PowerPoints are engaging and very useful!!

Amy Coughlin

My favorite thing about being a Dollar Teachers Club member is the math and language arts activities. Our school started personalized learning last year and those activities really helped because there was differentiation included in each set. My students could all be doing the same activity (and the best part, I only had to explain it ONCE), but at their independent level. It was fabulous!!! 

Kelly Miller

The Dollar Teacher Club has really helped me with my small group and individual instruction to provide level appropriate activities and games for my students in my kindergarten class. All of the resources are so easy to understand the purpose and direction as well as not having a ton of prep involved as well! These activities have also allowed me to differentiate within each one for the needs of each of my students! I am so glad I signed up for this and my students love all the activities I have prepped for them!

Stephanie Geller

Your Dollar Teachers Club All Access Membership Includes: 

∙ Over $50 worth of products to “spend” on resources your students need from over $2500 in curriculum

∙ 300+ Digital Interactive Games and activities designed for Google Slides, SeeSaw, (and Boom Cards are coming soon)

∙ 5-7 exclusive and themed printable resources you vote on so they’re just right for your students

∙ Monthly Resource Guide to help you plan out your month and fill out your lesson plans in a fraction of the time

∙ Video Library and support resources for continuing education

∙ First access to brand new resources

∙ Convenient, one-click access to all our freebies we have ever made (in color and black and white)

∙ Invites to our community only events

∙ Ability to request resources if you can't find what you are looking for 

∙ Drama-Free, virtual “Teachers’ Lounge” to ask and answer questions and get and receive support 

∙ Input in changes you need or want in the Dollar Teachers Club… I value your opinion!